A strategic partnership pact was signed by Simba Media Group and KVECC

2022 is the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea. On this occasion, the Vietnam and International Trade and Investment Promotion Center in collaboration with the Korea-Vietnam Economic Support Committee and Simba Media Group organized a program to connect trade and art performances with the theme “Vietnam elite – International integration”.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Simba Media Group

The Vietnam and International Trade and Investment Promotion Center in collaboration with the Korea-Vietnam Economic Support Committee and Simba Media Group organized a program to connect trade and art performances with the theme “Vietnam elite – International integration”…
This is a cultural event that connects Vietnamese businesses with international businesses and partners to enhance the friendship and cooperation between the two countries and at the same time sign trade agreements between socio-political organizations, Association, Center for Trade Promotion and Vietnamese Enterprises and partners with organizations of Union of Associations and Government of Korea and other countries. The event is expected to stimulate economic demand and develop the tourism economy, which is shaping up to attract FDI for international economic integration and communication, contributing to the successful connection with spillover effects with Vietnamese enterprises. and businesses of other countries and is a cultural bridge for international trade.
At the event, the signing ceremony of a bilateral cooperation agreement between Simba Media Group and the Vietnam-Korea Economic Support Committee (KVECC) took place on connection issues between domestic and foreign businesses of the two countries. inside the fields of investment, product introduction, promotion…

“I have been working with Vietnam for more than 10 years now. During that time, I connected many exchange and cooperation programs between Vietnamese enterprises and Korean enterprises. Specifically, in the South of Vietnam, in Dong Nai and Binh Duong, I have successfully promoted cooperation in the fields of health, education, industry with corporations Sonadezi, Becamex… Committee for Economic Support The Korean-Vietnamese economy has played the role of connecting exchanges and cooperation between Korean and Vietnamese businesses to help make these cooperation easy and quick to succeed” – Mr. Kwon Jae Haeng, Chairman of the Economic Support Committee Vietnam – Korea (KVECC) said.

Within the framework of the event, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan also announced the project “Vietnam Number 1 – Vietnam Style” bringing together 500 famous and successful Vietnamese people globally, Simba Media Group’s cross-Vietnam tour and others. friend. Besides, he continues to invest in the fields of education, entertainment, film, gameshow, talkshow of A Tuan and Simba Media Group. In particular, A Tuan will spend 5% of revenue from these projects dedicated to social activities, helping and connecting the community.

Sharing about this issue, the “social network tycoon” said that he will continue to support many businesses and public figures, Kol in media consulting, media crisis management strategies and guidance. protect the image of the public’s reputation in accordance with the law to avoid negative stories and bad influence on social networks like in the past.

Honoring Mr. Vo Sy Dat – General Director of Charme Perfume JSC..
Over the past 2 years, when the world in general and Vietnam in particular were strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to many other social problems, A Tuan continued his mission. He rushed into the center of the epidemic to help people in the program “Love bus”, and at the same time adopted 2 children in grade 2 and grade 4 who lost their parents to COVID until the age of 18. Not only that, but A Tuan also helped many fellow artists to overcome the crisis and crisis because of COVID. Thanks to his own resources, influence, and close relationships with the super-rich, A Tuan has constantly strived to help many people, inspire and give positive energy to everyone.
It can be seen that A Tuan always creates a special highlight with big events, causing great resonance, spreading positive energy, inspiring love and making great contributions to society.
Many famous artists attended the event
In addition, the program also honored individuals, groups, businesses and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the social welfare of the Vietnamese and international community and also recognized the successes for science. techniques and environmental impact applications in the 4.0 revolution. The evaluations that the program recognizes are based on business criteria of digital transformation and active international integration. Gala music, food parties are also exchanges with many tycoons, billionaires and celebrities, and many beauty queens, beauties and showbiz artists.
It is known that “Vietnam quintessence – International integration” is a fashion, music and cultural exchange program that Anh Tuan has cherished for a long time. During the music night, singer-songwriter A Tuan touchedly shared that he felt happy when a large number of friends and colleagues came to celebrate. All are important people indispensable in the life of the “social network tycoon”. Siu Black, a sister who has a close relationship with A Tuan for many years, sang for him the song “The Flame of the Plateau”. With a powerful voice, Siu Black “burned out” on stage. For A Tuan, Siu Black is a “monument”. Few people leave him with such a deep impression as “Mountain of the mountains”. Appreciating Siu Black’s gifted voice, A Tuan always prioritizes inviting her to appear at all events organized by his company. Singer Ngoc Son gave his juniors songs such as “The birth song”, “Daddy Cool”, “Cute confession”.
Besides art activities, Anh Tuan also founded many community projects such as “Children” with more than 400 artists; Fund “Scholarship Handing”; Fund “Heavenly life”, “Drawing a smile”… Although he is active in art, A Tuan said that he always keeps certain boundaries in the showbiz environment, choosing his inherently simple and rustic life.
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